Conjunctions and Tenses

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+ What is conjunction?

Conjunction is the word used to connect other words or groups of words.

The different kinds of conjunctions

There are three kinds of conjunctions connect words.

1. Coordinating Conjunctions. (FANBOYS: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)

2. Correlative Conjunctions.

3. Subordinating Conjunctions.


***Tense divided into 3 main kinds.

1. Present Tense

2. Past Tense

3. Future Tense

Remember the elements of every tense

I. Present Tense                        1. Present Simple

                                                   2. Present Continuous Tense

                                                   3. Present Perfect Tense

                                                   4. Present Perfect Continuous Tense

II. Past Tense                            1. Past Simple

                                                   2. Past Continuous Tense

                                                   3. Past Perfect Tense

                                                   4. Past Perfect Continuous Tense

III. Future Tense                       1. Future Simple

                                                   2. Future Continuous Tense

                                                   3. Future Perfect Tense

                                                   4. Future Perfect Continuous Tense

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