Wishing Words

cool Happy Khmer New Year 2016 cool

Enjoy Your Reading

1. I wish you 5 blesses of Buddha, Life, Beauty, Health, Strength and wisdom for always.

2. May your beauty be in spring = I wish you great beauty = May you get more and more beautiful.

3. May you meet springs for always = I wish you happiness.

4. I wish your family happiness = All the best with your family.

5. I wish you good luck = The very best of luck with you.

6. Best of luck with your studies.

7. Good luck with your studies.

8. I wish you longevity = May you enjoy long life.

9. I wish you good health.

10. I wish you good wisdom.

11. May you good luck be always with you.

12. I wish you very success = May you success i every thing.

13. I wish you a pleasant journey = May you have a good journey.

14. May you pass the exam.

15. May the New Year bring you all your heart desires.

16. Please convey my best wishes to ... = Please give me my best regards to ....

17. Have a happy birthday.

18. May your struggle end in success.

19. May all your wishes come true.

20. May your sweet dream come true.

21. I wish you a happy New Year.

22. Best wish for the New Year.



                                         By Virak

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